US makes new all-time high but NYA and Nasdaq lag
Thailand bullish: target of 1,600 confirmed
Pound turns on 23-year support

25th July:
  • US indexes: S&P and Dow have made new highs, but the New York Composite is lagging, as is the Nasdaq.
  • US interest rates appear to have bottomed.
  • Oil has met with resistance and would not surprise if it fell below $40 per barrel in the next month or two.
  • Gold and silver are both looking bullish, with a little more upside to be expected before resistance.
  • Europe: nice bottoming potential on good support
  • Euro: long term bottoming hope
  • The pound is on very good long term support
  • Australia looking bullish, nothing much to tell about the currency.
  • Hong Kong: small bottom but no persuasive volume but slight encouragement from a drift above channel resistance.
  • Thailand: target of 1,600 confirmed by very strong volume and a breakout from the banking sector
  • Taiwan: nice bottom and breakout
Charts current to 22nd July.

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